Luciane Coutinho


Meet Luciane Coutinho, a Berlin School EMBA participant from Brazil, Head of live marketing agency MashUp, and Founder of LivMundi, a sustainability platform taking action on greater visibility through content, community initiatives and LivMundi Festival.



LivMundi festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro and is already in its third edition. The last edition attracted more than 12 thousand people, and this year, with its extended duration and increased number of venues, expects to reach more than 15 thousand participants. LivMundi was inspired by Luciane´s discomfort with an increasing gap between reality and the desired future for the planet. She believes that it´s everybody´s responsibility, especially the leaders´, to act towards a more sustainable life that respects the increasing scarcity of vital resources, affecting people, organizations and the planet. Only by building awareness about the impacts of our everyday urban habits and choices can we move forward to a positive path of societal and economic development that is truly sustainable. This belief is core to LivMundi and well translated in its motto: “Start to transform the world”.

To connect Rio and the “cariocas” with the theme and sensitize the community about the economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of sustainability, LivMundi Festival, which takes place throughout June, will show how each attitude affects not only our lives, but the future of next generations. There will be more than 60 activities, including success stories and transformative experiences involving engaged young people from Rio who are at the forefront of incredible projects in their communities. In addition, experts from Brazil, Holland and Spain will present inspiring cases of social innovation and entrepreneurship. The Berlin School will have a strong presence with the participation of Ana Lavaquial, part of the curator team and facilitator of some debates, Marie Reig, who will ignite the crowd with her “21 days to change the world” movement and Clarissa Biolchini, invited to mediate a workshop around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) in addition to Luciane, who leads the LivMundi initiative.

LivMundi Festival sheds some light on the movements at the ‘base of the pyramid’, as they are increasingly relevant for development countries, like Brazil. Most of them are led by a well-informed, connected, inclusive and socially engaged new generation. This group inspires a new breed of local leaders driven to promote small changes in their territories, combining digital connection and real life challenges with creativity. They practice a social and hands-on creative leadership, as they generate relevant impacts in their communities by effectively integrating the available and scarce resources and skills to become true heroes of everyday life.

LivMundi Festival will take place over seven days throughout the month of June and is specially designed to democratize “sustainability” as a matter that encompasses much more than environmental issues. In this edition, its mission is to provoke reflection and mobilize society for transformative actions related to sustainability. The theme is the connection of the various networks and territories that make up the city, making a call to build bridges that unite the city around common goals. On June 1st, at Penha Complex, a community in the periphery of Rio, there will be an intervention of urban agriculture. On June 4th, 13th, 18th and 19th, the Festival will host debates at Casa Firjan, a think-tank that promotes critical and fresh thinking, where experts from a variety of fields and international guests will discuss business models and innovative solutions to the challenges of the future. On June 15th and 16th, it will take over Parque Lage, which is part of the Tijuca National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage and the largest reforested urban forest in the world. Participants will freely experience organic food fairs, outdoor activities, debates, talk shows, health practices, workshops, documentaries and other cultural attractions promoting the theme through experiences and exchanges and surrounded by one of the most spectacular sceneries in Rio, at the footsteps of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

One of the festival highlights takes place at Penha Complex, where LivMundi Festival partners with the Favela Observatory, a social organization of research, consulting and public action dedicated to the production of knowledge and political propositions on slums and urban phenomena in order to overcome social inequalities. On June 1st, an action will be carried out with the community through an urban agriculture collective that unites the efforts of various social actors to promote activities focused on food sovereignty. The intention is to promote, in a playful and interactive way, the socialization of the community through exchange meetings, initially focused on urban agriculture and agroecology practices, but capable of addressing transversal themes linked to sustainability, as a broad concept. A pedagogical installation developed over a few months in the community will be presented, with products such as affective mapping, compost, health campaign, communication products and plant seedlings, among others.

With each edition the Festival grows and scales its premise of increasing awareness of our role, shared practices and knowledge of the new possibilities in changing reality towards a better future. The strength of the collective lies in the diversity and performance of each person, each node. On its own sustainability note, in the last edition, 1,141 kg of waste were sent to recycling; 3,200 liters of sewage were collected and treated to irrigate 58 guava trees.

LivMundi has already won two international awards: the Lusophone Award, in the Social Responsibility category and the Gender Just Climate Solution Award, which awards women-led climate initiatives and in which the festival was among the semi-finalists. LivMundi was also part of the publication Gender Just Climate Solutions, distributed at COP24.

LivMundi is only possible through the sponsorship of organizations such as Rede Globo and Escola Parque, support partnerships as the Dutch Consulate, KLM, Casa Firjan, the Tijuca National Park and the Friends of the Park Association and many other partners, such as the Berlin School, who contribute with skills, time and other resources to bring this purpose of transforming the world to life. Together.

Some issues and themes addressed by LivMundi Festival:

• "Being sustainable" while generating value for people and companies
• Industry and the Environment: Pathways to Sustainable Development
• Conscious Entrepreneurship: How to create value with sustainability
• Contemporary ways of healing
• Volunteering and transforming lives
• Connecting with narratives of ancestral knowledge
• Fashion and consumerism
• Sustainability and collaboration
• New ways of living, as off-grid housing and ecovillages
• Food as a connector of territories and communities
• Educating in digital times
• (In)visible impacts of our life on the Planet
• Circular innovation
• Collaborating in networks
• Conscious leadership

As well as many self-awareness and healing activities. 

All activities at Penha Complex and Parque Lage are free and registration is already open through the Festival's website (www.livmundi.com).


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