It was lovely to connect with all those who joined us – for the webinar Seeking Creative Authenticity Amongst Ambiguity – in these times of social distancing, to come ‘close’ online and investigate how we can get creative (we’re creatives after all!) and carry on through times of uncertainty.

Most importantly, it’s reassuring that we know we are all here to support each other and keep the creative industry steadfast and strong as we ride out this wave together. To that end, we have more webinars planned for the coming weeks and months – including forums where we and the experts will take a backseat and let participants talk about their experiences and tell us what they need in terms of insights and community.  



Key Takeaways:

•    Trust and be vulnerable!
•    Vulnerability is where the world is now and it’s also the core theme of 2020’s CCLP.
•    For leaders, working from home puts you in place of real vulnerability, where connection to and deep trust in your team must be cultivated.
•    The ‘Learning Zone’ in the Fearless Organization’s 2:2 matrix is a framework for developing trust, even when working remotely. Trust is the vehicle for learning. Cultivate this psychological zone or ‘safe space’ where a team can be vulnerable in sharing their ideas.
•    Be authentic: it's all about emotional and cultural awareness in these times of uncertainty. Having the emotional awareness and integrity to say, “I don’t have all the answers right now.”
•    Brand purpose used to be lipstick on a pig, now it’s about what society actually needs. It’s about being more human and delivering value.
•    CCLP is a safe and intimate space where you become a creative family and develop a real sense of belonging. Between now and October, we’ll be steadily evolving the CCLP program so it remains relevant to the industry status quo.
•    The new norm will be working from home and having a side-hustle to help pay the bills.
•    It’s not about the future of work anymore: it’s the future of doing!


Relevant Links:

•    The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth by Amy C. Edmonson
•    The Meritocracy Manifesto by Tracy Brown
•    Future of Doing workshop and podcast series


Cannes Creative Leaders Programme:

This is a nine program of learning, discovery and, of course, celebration! Starting with four days of intense classroom learning, strategically scheduled just prior to the festival’s start, participants collaborate in breaking open their current business challenges and explore cutting-edge leadership perspectives. Then, with their fresh knowledge and newly focused goals, they dive into a tailor-made (just for them!) agenda at Cannes, complete with daily closed-door masterclasses as well as festival workshops, ceremonies, networking events and, let’s face it, jaw-dropping sights and celebrations. For more information, visit our dedicated CCLP page.

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