When we unexpectedly stumbled upon this “cross-cultural” (in all senses of the word) mural in a quiet courtyard in the heart of Berlin, it seemed a perfect expression of the themes we’ve been exploring over the past few months.  

The image not only fits to the spirit of our home city, which is full of surprising synergies – oases of nature in the middle of urban bustle, art galleries tucked away into bunkers, curry mixed with ketchup – it reflects the spirit of our EMBA as we bring together creativity and business leadership, invite comparison of diverse cultural approaches to business in our international hubs and now ‘mash up’ the program’s beloved in-person modules with our brand new online segments.

We’d like to introduce you to our newest hashtag – #MashupMonday, under which we’ll be showcasing a series of unlikely hybrids that we hope will surprise, inspire and otherwise invite you to think out of the box.



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