“When I wonder if an idea is any good,
if I should pursue it or let it go – I ask myself
if it could become a tree, grow roots, a trunk, branches – a tree so inviting, one would want to sit in its shade, get inspired or even place a ladder against it, climb up, sit in it, take in its fresh oxygen to produce new ideas.”

Michael Conrad
President of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership
from: creatives, to: leaders

The free eBook “from: creatives, to: leaders” tells inspiring stories from our global community of creative business leaders, curated by Berlin School President, Michael Conrad. From disruptive designers to pioneers of diversity, follow the journeys that prove that creative minds change lives, transform businesses, and bring great ideas to life.

First edition

From spearheading content creators and entrepreneurs, to the inventor of the world’s first canine TV channel, the first edition of from: creatives, to: leaders showcases the diverse spectrum of creative business leaders brought together by the Berlin School.

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