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#Industry Experts & Academics

#Disrupting the Silence with Uwe Hermann and Søren Salomo
#Culture and Commerce: The Struggle to Determine Cultural Value with Mukti Khaire
#Moving Towards a Future of Social Leadership with Julian Stodd
#Creating Business Solutions from Human Sciences with Mikkel Rasmussen


#Beneath the Surface of Brand Experience with Barry Mowszowski
#New Standards for Digital Transformation with Leonard Sommer
#Building a More Holistic Sense of Strategy with Miriam Sauer
#Finding Creative Acumen with Evita Puente

Welcome to Meet the Experts Podcast

We believe that great leadership has the potential to inspire people, transform businesses, and permeate society.

Meet the Experts places you face-to-face with thought-leaders of various industries as they debate and discuss the most heated topics that are re- shaping leadership as we know it.

From social leadership, to automation and digital transformation, our aim is to reach the heart of the matter through edifying dialogues to help deepen our understanding of the ever-evolving environment of creative business leadership.

The Meet the Experts podcast, powered by the Berlin School, features a variety of guests from our global community including faculty, guest speakers, and industry experts as well as MBA participants and alumni who share the leadership learnings they’ve accrued on their creative learning journey.

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